Do you run credit checks?

It is within our policy to conduct a credit check on all of our clients. This however does not mean that those with a bad credit history will be rejected. The purpose of the credit check is to assess our liability in order to find the best mobile phone contract deals that will best fit to your individual needs and not cause any financial strain.

Am I guaranteed 100% approval for my phone contract application?

We cannot guarantee approval for every phone contract application made. We will however offer expert advice based on the individual client as well as providing recommendations. By following our advice, you are almost always going to get a deal that best fits you.

Do I need a guarantor?

You do not need a guarantor for your phone contract to get approved. What we need is that you meet our basic requirements most of all to provide proof of regular income so that we are certain you’ll be able to meet all of your monthly payments until the contract is over.

What if I can’t keep up with the monthly payments?

In case you feel that you can’t keep up with your monthly fees, we highly recommend that you get in contact with one of our representatives as soon as possible. We will then see how we can make the contract more accommodating. Failure to meet your payments may result in hefty fines and a negative effect on your credit score.

What if my handset got lost?

We cannot replace your handset nor refund you in case you lose your handset. We however advise that you take a mobile phone insurance cover to protect you from such incidences.

Can I return or exchange my handset?

Yes you can return or even exchange your handset provided that it is within our terms and conditions. Due to our policy of 100% customer satisfaction, we accept returns for phones that are defective. The time of return should be within our warranty period.