What happens once your Phone Contract ends?

If you have a contract with a mobile operator, there’s the inevitable time when your contract will arrive at its end. Will you choose to renew the contract, change packages or get a new mobile contract with a different provider? The decision you make may be what saves you your hard earned money or causes you to spend even more. Let us delve into the options available.

Doing Nothing

This is normally the simplest option and it involves doing nothing once your contract ends. Normally there is nothing wrong with this, and it will simply mean that you will keep being on your existing tariff.

This may increase your chances of getting any loyalty discounts from the provider. However, you may end up overspending and sometimes paying for services you do not always use. If the cost of the phone was factored into the monthly payments, then it becomes even more expensive to pay. It is therefore prudent to keep yourself informed of what else is available in order to make the best choice when your phone contract ends.

Sticking to your existing provider

There are some benefits if you decide to stay with you current phone contract provider. For starters, they have all your information so it is less hassle to re-sign a contract. You will not need to find a different operator or change your phone number. There are two options available to you if you decide to stay.

There are also disadvantages of staying with your current provider. For starters, other operators may have a better deal that best fits your needs or may have a cheaper package. Most operators will save their best package deals to new clients, and so, by sticking with your provider, these better options may be out of your reach.

Changing mobile Phone contract provider

Once your contract ends and you decide to move to a different provider, the following information will help you make the right choice;

  1. Compare different packages. This is the first move and will involve looking at the deals available for the phone you want. Look at all the bills and select the one that best fits in your monthly schedule.
  2. Cancel your current provider’s contract. When you decide to leave your current provider, it is prudent to communicate with them and inform them that you have decided to leave. This may be as simple as sending an email or video chat
  3. Get your PAC code. This code will enable you to keep you current mobile phone number. Once you sign up with a new operator/provider, all you will do is to give them your PAC code.

Once your contract has ended, the following considerations will prove helpful to keep in mind when choosing the right package.

One of the key points that should be emphasized is that mobile operators will do what they can to retain their clients. It is therefore good to tell your operator that you are considering leaving and ask if there is anything they could do for you to convince you to stay. Some will lower their rates and offer what their competitors are offering while some will offer free gifts.

A mobile contract is useful in our everyday lives, and getting the right contract with the right package will stop you from overspending. You however will require a certain level of service. The only way to make the best choice is to be informed of all the options available to you.